Android Live Wallpaper

We all are crazy for mobile wallpaper am I right? Android’s live wallpaper lets user to enjoy the live background on mobile screen. From the Android store many can buy as well as get free download for some of the Android wallpapers; however, what will be the option when you need the customized wallpaper as per your needs?

FlowDriven has niche expertise to offer customized Android live wallpaper as per your requirements. Our developer teams are well familiar Android’s number of personalization features which helps them to customize many Introduced live wallpapers. We have depth expertise to serve our clients with their utmost needs for richer, animated and interactive backgrounds - live wallpaper.

Android live wallpapers work just like an Android mobile applications. We made such live wallpapers with functions like OpenGL, GPS, and network access and so on. At FDTPL, we assured that our developed android live wallpaper will play key role in offering better user experience.

Android live wallpaper is normally used as a background on the home screen so you can enjoy the animated home screen and such animation is designed based on times. Thus, if you have an Android device and want to develop any customized live wallpaper then we are the right place for your needs. We assured you to offer probably a couple of the live wallpapers as per your expectations.

As a leading developer platform for Android live wallpaper, we create and publish live wallpapers. We are following very easy process that lets us to make a live wallpaper s fascinating and desirable while not draining the user’s device battery. Moreover, we are always ready to accept the challengeable projects and to deliver it with use of all the latest technologies.

FlowDriven Technologies enhances the live wallpaper in all aspects like:
  • Design
  • Animation time
  • Development platform
  • Graphics
  • Sound quality
  • Many more…

Our Android programmers for hire always ready to carry out the best approach in the industry and furnish shape of the art Android live wallpapers services to our clients.

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