Classified Submission

When we need to advertise something through the medium of newspaper we either go to classified page or for a full page advertisement. Similarly, at the time of e-marketing, we can get our services promoted through classified submission.

These days, classified submission has become inseparable part of SEO. The webmasters use the technique to increase the visibility of the web pages on the search engine optimization. FlowDriven Technologies is always available to offer classified services to its clients. The services are cost effective and promising. We are not only take cares of classified submission, it also offers off-page optimization services and classified marketing services to its clients as well.

Through classified marketing, the webmasters makes the need and requirements of the clients visible to the surfers. The FlowDriven Technologies is committed to providing effective execution of the submission so that greater profits could be directed towards the websites.

Before classified submission and marketing, the webmasters of our platform analyzes the goods and services being offered by the clients to their customers. After having analyzed them, the webmasters consider the various steps and techniques required for classified submission.

The ads are designed by the webmasters, keeping in mind the targeted audience. Catchy and luring content is formed to make the ad stand out in the e-market. Minute detail of the product or services is presented to the audience in beautifully embedded words by the team of proficient writers at the FDTPL.

FDTPL can help you in following ways in classified submission :
  • Takes care of the guidelines of the classified directories while submitting ads in to it. You need not to read the guidelines.
  • The ads are submitted in the classified directories, which are search engine friendly. Thus, the visibility of the websites and ads on search engine is kept in mind by us.
  • From time to time, the classified directories are updates so prospective customers could be attracted. Besides, this practice also helps in enhancing the visibility of the web pages.
  • SEO tools are used for increasing the visibility of the classifieds on the search engines.
  • Classified directories that are attune to the products and services offered by the client are kept in mind.
  • Detailed report of the classified submission and classified marketing is provided to the clients so that they remain updated.
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