Terminal Services

For your small & medium enterprise business needs and making you computers error free and fixing you software and hardware problems, With Flowdriven you get all technical support.

Flowdriven provides 24x7 support with customer satisfaction and resolution rate of 93% to all your technical investment. By Hiring our IT expert service you get lost of other benefits.

Flowriven also helps you in transferring data and access over the network :
  • The data is transfer over the network through terminal service which allow all the users to access them.
  • Terminal service is also a key component which shares data from wide range for desktop and server application that runs terminal services.
  • Terminal service is used to provide user interface/ interaction to users.
Management advantages of terminal services by Flowdriven :
  • Reduces time and increases production
  • Using of RDP improves the display and device redirection.
  • For increasing security Encryption algorithms are used.
  • Installation, maintenance, and managing applications by administrators.
  • An excellent speed is achieved to productivity for storage requirements and processing is reduced on clients system as most of applications runs on server.

By using server component of terminal service your application availability over the network is huge & secured. The data and use of application are accessed by everyone as clients are restricted and the access to the authentication provided by terminal service.

Get our 24x7 technical support :
  • Repairs Terminal Server.
  • Set up terminal server.
  • Installation and diagnostic of Terminal Server.
Flowdriven is here to help you :
  • Manages terminal services
  • Administrative terminal server service.
  • Repairing session.
  • Domain issue
  • Problems related troubleshooting
  • Fixing of connection errors related to terminal server

With Flowdriven terminal server support you get the latest updates and patches at very affordable cost to root out the server security threats.

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