Postfix Support Service

Our Postfix Configuration Linux help, Ubuntu Postfix Configuration and Ubuntu configure support will take your business to the next level.
  • SMTP authentication
  • Sendmail companionable but easier to manage and more secure
  • Virtual domains
  • spam protection & virus protection

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Industry future lies on open source software which is most cost effective and professional solutions that is commonly use in the business today.

What is Postfix : Postfix is quicker, easy to handle and secure open source MTA that route and delivers electronic mail. Because of its much simpler configuration and its status for security it is become favorite alternative to most popular mail server Sendmail. There are various mail server applications which could be used in place of Postfix such as Qmail, Courier, and Exim.

Why Postfix : Postfix is powerful yet customizable open source MTA which can be configure and customize as per client needs.

Some useful features that makes postfix superior compare to other available mail server :
  • content filtering
  • Comprehensive junk mail controls
  • Tls encryption and authentication
  • Flexible database support
  • Dominant support for plugins
  • Address manipulation
  • Maildirectory or mailbox delivery
  • QMQP Server
Flowdriven Postfix Support :
  • At flowdriven we provide prompt professional assistance for your postfix needs like installation, support, administration, troubleshooting.
  • User will get the effortless and flexibility of web based email and IMAP for your email system through secure mail connection to and from your server.
  • Auto scans emails for viruses and eliminates spam to least level through spam filtering
  • We can secure your Quick Mail Queuing Protocol with login authentication, ACLs and hostname filtering. Quick Mail Queuing Protocol installs are deployed by our pleasant and qualified Postfix Admins.

Our Guarantee : Contact flowdriven's highly trained experts 24/7 for all your server and network needs. We ensure you to keep your server uptime 100%. Our services are unique for those who wants to keep their focus on business and relax from server and network issues.

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