Xen Virtualization Support

Xen is a linux based virtualization server which is fully, managed server virtualization platform build on the powerful Xen hypervisor. At Flowdriven we provides full support for virtualize XenServer which is contemporary technology in virtualization.

Xen is recognized as the fastest and most secured virtualization technology in IT industry. It is specially designed for efficient management of Linux and Windows virtual server and it also convey cost effective server business stability.

Xen is designed to consolidate multiple operating systems to run on a single server, regulate hardware accessed by the operating system, segregate mischievous applications and migration of running OS instance from one physical server to another.

Advantages of Xen :
  • Cuts down IT cost by 50% or more than it.
  • Increase IT flexibility
  • Ensures highest server performance level
  • Scalable to large number of partitions with modest loss in performance
  • Advance resource control system give firm SLA guarantee
  • Support Live migration with no downtime
Overview of Xen support solutions and assistance provide by Flowdriven :
  • Xen installation and configuration
  • 24x7 support for any issue that arise via Live chat, Telephone or Email
  • Round the clock service to achieve maximum uptime for businesses
  • Experienced team of Red hat Certified professionals
  • Assist and implement live migration with zero downtime
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