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Google has always kept its grip tight over the SEO tools used by the SEO experts. Still, many SEO service providers have been able to use gimmick tools for attracting wider audience and for having good ranking in the search engines.

The Google penguin was launched on 24th April 2012. Its aim of launch was at decreasing the visibility of the websites which fails to follow the policies and guidelines issued by Google. To maintain its standards, Google have brought numerous changes in the policies through Google Penguin updates.

Since its launch, Google Penguin has affected about 3.1% of the total websites. Recently Google updated its penguin and named its new version Penguin 1.1. in such scenario for you to hire FlowDriven Technologies is vital.

FDTPL- FlowDriven Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has great skill and know how to for dealing with Google updates, especially Google penguin update. There is no way by which a website owner or developer or SEO expert could run away from the grips of Google Penguin. Therefore, the best way to deal with FDTPL is right decision.

Our skilled team of Penguin update recovery has following expertise :

  • The Keywords selection : Adding keywords is an art. You can’t just keep adding keywords without letting them observe in the content. The keywords should jell well with content. Google penguin looks up for such content and if found doesn’t allow it to stand on the first page ranking.
  • Revise Content : Before submitting the content on websites, it better to revise it. If while reading you find the content shady, it probably is.
  • Title Tags :  Be careful while putting title tag. The tag should not be made up of important keywords.
  • Image Optimization:  The keywords selected by you should help users to have a picture about the services and products offered.
  • Link Building : Ethical and natural link building instead of creating spam link structure.

No matter what happens don’t mess with Google. Play safe. Don’t look for shortcuts. If you want to beat others in the competition, do extraordinary but don’t cheat. Google updates the online world about its new policies and guidelines. Look for the SEO companies who are well versed with the updated guidelines. Hiring firms like FDTPL can help you in numerous ways.

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