Managed Services

Flowriven gives you the optimum server administration services on the World Wide Web. The new growing business relies on the information saved on its servers i.e. from customer to merchant agreements, from balance sheet to bank statements. This information is assignment for the strength of your systems and the overall operations and triumph of your business.

At Flowdriven we understand the importance of server environment to any business reason why we have created Managed server and dedicated service solution to focus on this region of technology. With the use of advance tools and technology we monitor the most important features of your server environment and practically manage the performance of your server in real time.

Our team works with you to implement the optimum measures for backup and recovery of your servers. In the critical event of major downtime, your business will be entirely equipped to restore and revive your operations in short span of time to avoid the pain of lost data and lost revenue.

With our remotely managed tools, becomes your permanent network administrator, managed all the regular maintenance to keep your staff focus on your business and your server data will be secured. We will make sure that your data is only accessible to appropriate people in your company.

Call us now our Managed services assist you not only in saving your time, effort and money, but also enhance the performance and security of your IT infrastructure.

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