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In current business environment cost controlling and keep pace with the fast changing technology is very significant. Cloud computing with its unique features is perfect choice for current demanding business environment.

What is Cloud Computing : Fundamentally cloud computing is a centralized computing technology engaged in providing frequently virtualized resources "as a service" over the web. Cloud with its virtualized backend layer and user-friendly front-end management console offers massive financial advantages to datacenters with improved resource utilization and lower management outlay. Above all integration option with public clouds makes it an eye catching alternative for end users.

Cloud computing engage the interaction of numerous virtualized resources. Cloud computing is frequently provide "as a service" over the web. This includes
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
Advantages of Cloud computing :
  • Small and Medium Enterprises can immediately gain the benefits of the immense infrastructure without implementing and managing it directly
  • More flexible than past computing methods, saves time and money.
  • No worry about constant server updates and other computing issues so Staff can focus on growth areas of business
  • Reduce cost and increased storage
  • Authorize accessibility to multiple data centers anywhere in the world
  • High availability and no downtime
  • Considerably diminish enterprise IT costs & complications while improve workload optimization and service delivery

Flowdriven offers consultancy services to help data center and hosting companies to migrate to cloud computing or develop their cloud systems.

Our Services :
  • Cloud consulting and infrastructure design
  • Cloud implementation
  • Cloud migration preparation
  • Cloud storage consultation
  • Implementation of SaaS on cloud
  • Load Balancing services on cloud
  • Integrating with public cloud

Discover the best out of cloud computing. Call us now and get benefited from revolutionary cloud computing services.

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