Asterisk Support Service

  • Asterisk is exceptionally powerful and versatile, but requires commitment to get it up and running.
  • Open source licencing and open source design feature make asterisk a success.
  • Asterisk helps significantly to enhance business values by reducing the IT costs.
  • Many companies has started adopting asterisk to get benefited from its compatible nature and business values.
Advantages of Asterisk system :
  • Significantly reduce the IT cost.
  • Flexible interface help to connect it through existing phone lines without changing any function.
  • Open source feature makes it easy to be integrated with any third party software which is benefited to IT department
We offer following Asterisk configuration Services :
  • Extensions configuration
    We have to create extension in asterisk to connect appropriate hard or softphone. User can easily connect hard or softphone to asterisk with the help of extension and start calling.
  • Automated Call Distribution Configuration
    • Asterisk has best in built support for call center. We can help you to start inbound or outbound call center
    • With asterisk setup and operating cost for the call center will be very easy on the pocket.
    • We can create different queues by configuring ADS with IVR as per your needs.
    • We configure agents and allocate them various queues for call center.
  • Find and Follow me configuration
    Asterisk's follow me feature transfer the call to the extension of person and if person is not available it transfer the call to persons cell phone or PSTN and if no one answer to that call it goes to the voicemail.
  • Conference configuration
    With asterisk conferencing feature it is easy to configure various conference room and extension for admin operations in that conference room.
  • Voicemail configuration
    With asterisk ability to store and send voicemail to stored email address you can get customized voicemail to email by configuring voicemail account with email addresses.

Flowdriven's asterisk support service manage your asterisk infrastructure to help you to save your time and can save significantly cost related to asterisk management. Our expert Asterisk professional can solve any issue related to your asterisk infrastructure.

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