Event Log Monitoring

Event Log Monitoring is key element for every business. Company's record every event produce by network services for compliance to keep healthy IS infrastructure. Event log monitoring system alerts any suspicious activities or security threat that may arise.

Monitoring an event logs can be a tempting job for system administrators. Our event log monitoring system meets legal and regulatory event log necessities and also record logs and generates alerts on critical event occurring in the network.

Our Log Management system will capture event logs from numerous devices and stored them in centralized console this will help to manage ample range of systems and devices. Our Monitoring System auto archive all events this help us to identify the errors in system, malicious activities and security threats. In such scenarios our system trigger actions such as script or email alert to make your IT infrastructure safe.

Our System constantly Monitor the health of your server components and alerts you in scenario like low disk space, high resource utilization to avoid the risk of possible server Failure.

Advantages of Flowdriven Event Log Monitoring System :
  • Detect intruders and security breaches
  • Assist to meet regulatory compliance
  • Proactively monitor your systems
  • Increase network uptime and identify problems through real-time alerts and dashboard
  • Get fast and cost-effective monitoring and management of the entire network
  • Simply detect events like, login failures due to bad passwords, account blocks, invalid attempt to access secure files, security log tampering.

Call us now our Event Log Monitoring services aid you not only in saving your time, effort and money, but also enhance the performance of your IT infrastructure

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