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May 28

Google Updates and Their Effects

By FlowDriven
Google is known as the world’s most used and trusted search engine. Google has continued to change the searching Google algorithm updatewhich may affect the local as well as international businesses. For SMBs, it is becoming more difficult to have ranking but one have to think critically to create unique and trusted content.
Now many changes are made in Google. If you want your site to be one of the top ranked site then you should adapt the changes in algorithm of Google. Now there is very big discussion happening around the world about effects of Google updates. The truth is that only those sites are affected in which backlinks of infringing material is used.
If your site contains genuine and useful content then you don’t need to worry about. Ifyou provide the original and informative content then this will work in your favor.
There is some work to do for you to be good in Google review and ranking. You should provide the data what people are looking for.It means your site should have less spam and more useful data.
If your site has back links and unnecessary redirections then the probability of getting penalized is increased which may affect you ranking as well.
To run your web site successfully, you should know the purpose of your web site. You should have information about the audience you wanted to target. You should know their needs and interests.
One should not go only for ranking. The most important thing is your customer’s satisfaction and you should worth it.
After the above discussed information, it does not mean that you let the site fall. If you are hit by GOOGLE Penguin or Panda then you should work effectively for rehabilitation of your site by creating a great user experience and new informative data.
The latest panda update is more likely to affect the 35% of search results and this update is causing complications for SEOs more than the Panda.
Google Penguin and Panda updates seems to restructureGoogle algorithm updateand prioritize the results for the content that is more fresh ,useful, engaging and well written.
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